Volunteer calls on Health Dept to create nursing positions

Health Watch

A VOLUNTEER nurse is calling on the Health Department to create positions in rural health centres and aid posts to allow new graduates to provide manpower at rural health facilities.
Terry Bawanzang is a volunteer with the Indgen health centre in Kabwum, Morobe, since 2019.
He completed his nursing studies at the Nazarene Nursing College at Kudjip, Jiwaka in 2018.
He has been working as a volunteer nurse at the health centre without pay since he was not registered.
“I worked as a volunteer and I realised that health services in rural areas is very challenging and a big concern,” Bawanzang said.
“We have no manpower with the capability to perform our duties in addressing illnesses and sickness.”
He said most of the staff were old and could not move from village to village to attend to the sick.
“We need more young energetic people in our rural health facilities to move from community to community and help people who cannot move,” he said.
“Young energetic nurses should be posted in rural areas to move effectively and provide medical services.”
Bawanzang said there were five medical staff stationed at the health centre; three community health workers and two nurses.
“As a young officer among them, I help staff from the centre and also another aid post in Konge where there are two officers,” he said.
“The population in the area is high and medical supplies quickly run out. I am not paid since I have no position. I just applied to National Nursing Council to license me and I am waiting for a response.
“There are many graduates just like me out there but we need provincial government and districts responsible to create positions so that we can apply and provide manpower.”