Company helps City Mission with colour printer

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014


CITY Mission PNG was presented a K28,000 colour printer by the Fuji Xerox Business Centre yesterday in recognition of the good work it is doing.

Senior accounts manager Tau Heni said as part of the business community, the company was trying to help the mission expand its good work in communities. 

Speaking at the presentation in Port Moresby, an elated Pr Kirt Triche said the printer would help ease pressure on training.

He said the machine would be used by the New Life Skills Training Centre to help with teaching.

This was helped by the addition of the Mirigeda farm where young men could get away from the temptations of the city.  This farm is now the facility for the centre which focuses on training and rehabilitating young men spiritually, physically and mentally.

According to Triche, the boys usually go through four stages of training.

“The first and second stages of the training include working in the garden and at the print shop, coffee shop and as security,” he said.

“The third and fourth stages involve vocational training on welding, electrical and practical work with private and public employers.