Company trains engineering students

Youth & Careers

Six civil engineering students from University of Technology in Lae have been given industrial attachments for 20 weeks with national company Justin Beto Saribu (JBS) Consulting Engineers.
Three graduates and three undergraduates are working under the supervision of senior engineers in the sealing of the Kagamuga to Togaba four-lane road Mt Hagen.
Enock Lyandenge, 26, from Enga, thanked JBS for the opportunity to develop what was learned in class.
“I thank JBS Consulting Engineers for taking the initiative to train young graduates and trainees to enhance their practical skills and knowledge,” he said.
“There are countless struggles to find a job. Looking for jobs is a burden for graduates. I thank JBS for such a great opportunity offered.”
Director of JBS Justin Saribu, who was once a civil engineering student in Lae, said opportunities were created to help graduates and undergraduates, especially civil engineers.
He said the company had 25 senior engineers throughout PNG and many students were trained well through its industrial programme.
Saribu said Unitech’s civil engineering department required final-year students to do 20 weeks of practical training before they graduated.

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