Con artists and false promises


Port Moresby is full of con artists who hoodwink the people with sweet-talks of massive payouts coming from the sale of diamond overseas.
People from around the city are giving these con artists their money as investment.
Some have even gone to the extent of borrowing to invest in what they cannot see as a scam.
They waste their precious time waiting and spending money on flex cards to call their team leaders now and then.
The leaders of this money scam should publish legal documents about their diamond investments for members of the public to be able to make a better judgment call.
I am one of the people carrying the burden of looking after investors in these money scams who have come from the village to get their promised returns and I am getting fed up.
The so-called leaders are benefitting from this money scam group and leaving our simple people fooled and broke on the streets of Port Moresby.


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