Condoms give a false sense of security

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your editorial of Feb 5 about condom promotion and promiscuity.
The HIV/AIDS pandemic is eating the fabric of our society at an alarming rate and is threatening our human resources and family units.
Likewise, promiscuity will lead to breakdown of marriage and threatening the family units, the pillar of any nation.
The wide societal acceptance of condom use in the fight against HIV/ AIDS has led to the silent demise of the family unit, marriage sacredness and true love as God intended.
Promiscuity is wrong and is a sin.
Sex outside the marriage covenant is wrong because the sacredness of sex and marriage have been devalued.
Those who indulged in it are ignorant.
I wonder which leader or organisation will stand up against promiscuity.
The promotion of condom is providing “a false sense of security”.
It is not the answer to curb the rise of HIV/AIDS.


W. Hera