Congratulations Aiton on appointment


AS a huge rugby and PNG Hunters fan, I would like to thank the PNG Rugby Football League management for appointing Paul Aiton as assistant coach.
On behalf of the many rugby fans, we congratulate and welcome Aiton who will not only bring a wealth of experience, but more importantly, being a local, he will be able to understand the players well.
He will play a vital role in the boys’ transition from one lifestyle to another.
We thank the coach Matthew Church for the final 29-man squad who will be based in Brisbane for a season.
The final squad looks impressive with a few who opted not to go despite being in the squad due to other commitments such as studies.
That is their choice that cannot be disputed.
On the other hand, we’d like to ask the coach why players such as Watson Boas and Radhley Brawa were not selected?
To the players that were selected, this is your opportunity to showcase your talents.
Use Justin Olam as your inspiration.
If he can do it, so can you.
Trust in yourselves and persevere.
Good luck brothers.

Hunters Fan 2021

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