Conservation is priority

National, Normal

The National, Monday 22nd April 2013

 A WORKSHOP on the conservation of marine resources and food security in Kokopo focused on four major marine issues.

Participants discussed ideas and solutions on excessive direct take including overfishing and over-harvesting of marine resources, climate change in terms of sea-level rise and ocean water warming, coastal and marine habitat destruction and pollution caused by human activities.

The workshop was held to gather ideas about how to improve commercial fishing and resource development, capacity building and identify ways of improving service delivery.

“We have conservation programmes for terrestrial areas but nothing for the marine sector,” executive manager for the marine sustainable division Yvonne Tio said.

“We have listened to provinces who are extremely happy that the government is taking the lead in making this happen, that there is now an emerging policy framework that will ensure that their marine resources and reefs can be protected and managed.

Deputy secretary for policy in the department of Environment and Conservation Maino Virobo said:  “DEC must ensure that as we implement this programme nationwide.”