Consulation report before NEC


TO declare PNG a Christian nation does not mean that other religions are barred from the country, says Constitutional Law and Reform Commission secretary Dr Mange Matui.
Dr Matui said the report on declaring PNG a Christian country was before the National Executive Council (NEC).
“We’ve completed volumes one and two of the report and gave it to the Department of Prime Minister and NEC with six recommendations to be endorsed,” he said.
“To declare PNG a Christian nation doesn’t mean other religions are banned from practising their beliefs in the country,” he said.
“Let’s define ourselves and say, yes, we are a Christian nation. We want the identity, character and personality to be in line with our Christian values and principles
“But it doesn’t mean that we are removing other religions in the country.”
Prime Minister James Marape when he launched the constitutional directive to declare PNG a Christian nation said the rights of other religions would be respected and recognised in the constitution.
Minister for Community Development, Youth and Religion Wake Goi said Christianity would remain the main religion in the country.
“They (other religion) can have their fellowships and church activities here but when here, they know they are under the rules and regulations of a Christian country,” he said.
“We respect their religious activities here but not to the extent of growing and pulling in a lot of followers.”