Consult people before reopening mine


PORGERA mine’s impacted downstream communities from Strickland River, Lake Murray and lower Fly River in Western are calling on the State and responsible authorities to get their consent before the mine can be reopened.
Representatives from the impacted communities raised their concerns stating that they were not consulted during the early negotiations when the mine started and want the State to include them in the current review leading up to the reopening of the mine.
They said compelling and credible evidence including independent scientific environmental studies, Porgera mine’s annual environment reports and empirical evidence underpin the contention that Lake Murray, Strickland River and lower Fly River water systems were severely polluted and this cannot be allowed to continue in the future.
Cases of suspicious deaths from internal pains, prolonged internal pains and back aches, decrease in sago yield, build-up of sedimentation in Lake Murray from direct entry of Strickland River into Lake Murray via Mamboi River breakthrough in 1998 and itchiness from contact with water developing into sores and ulcers are among many issues they face.

Morea Nandun & Semai Aitowai
Team Leader|Chairman
Lake Murray Strickland River
Resource Owners’ Association
Ngasikui Clan Chief|Beagua
Tribe Chief