Consultants must pass on skills: Official


CONSULTANTS must facilitate the transfer of skills to substantive holders of positions in the public service, says Public Service Minister Joe Sungi.
Sungi is concerned about the engagement of consultants in the public service by department and agency heads.
He said the consultants were doing the job of department heads who should be competent enough to perform their roles.
Sungi said consultants should only be brought in for a short period of time with a specific task which should be clearly stated in their terms of reference.
“If you are appointed to perform the role, then you must know the job. Why get an adviser to do the job for you?” he said.
“Because when the adviser is paid to do your job, it means you are being paid for doing nothing.”
Sungi said consultants should pass on skills to substantive holders of positions.
He was addressing the Department of Personnel Management staff last week.

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