Contractor to handover K569mil hospital to Govt


THE K569 million Enga (PHA) Hospital is complete and will be handed over to the Government today (Monday), contractor Guang Dong Foreign Construction Company Ltd (GDFC Ltd) says.
GDFC Ltd executive project manager Kunlin Zhang said the phase one of the hospital with 150 beds was completed on May 31.
He said that this was the biggest project funded by the Government and GDFC was proud to announce the completion of phase one.
Enga administrator Dr Samson Amean said the new development was a major face-lift for Enga.
Amean described it as a milestone achievement for the provincial government under the leadership of Governor Sir Peter Ipatas.
He said the modern hospital would improve the standard of healthcare for Enga, the Highlands and the country as well.
“As the provincial administrator, I’m a satisfied man now as my life was tied to this entire project and I’m very grateful to see that the phase one has been completed and will be delivered to the people,” he said.
“Prime Minister James Marape will be in the province on Monday (June 20) to officially witness the completion programme.”
Amean said Enga was promised to be given a hospital through the Japanese International Cooperation Agency programme by past governments but funding meant for it was diverted to other projects.
“This was injustice to Enga, but God was on our side and we can now witness this million Kina project in our province.”
“Sir Peter is the man of vision who has made this provincial hospital become a reality.”
Sir Peter described the completion of the hospital as a greatest achievement for Enga and the country.