Control the use of funds

Momase, Normal


EAST Sepik Governor Peter Wararu has expressed grave concern over the speedy depletion of funds by the provincial administration each time money was made available at the provincial treasury.
He has now instructed the administrator, Samson Torovi, to back up and take control of the use of funds as the current practice was unacceptable  and not in line withc requirements of the Public Finance (Management) Act.
“Each time when we transfer funds into the provincial treasury, it gets used up so quickly even before I arrive in the province, and is getting out of hand and I have told the provincial administrator to pull up and have control of the use of funds,” Mr Wararu said when addressing a delegation from the Sepik Football Club at his Wewak office last week.
The National Soccer League franchise team was there to seek the second batch of funding from its sponsor, the East Sepik provincial government, under an existing contract signed between the two parties last year.
Mr Wararu also expressed concern over the lack of discipline among public servants in the province as well as lack of action taken against those found of wrong doing.
He urged Mr Torovi, to demonstrate control over his public servants especially with the two deputies, Michael Sino (corporate services) and Benjamin Warakai (administration and technical services).