Fairfax volleyball into semis

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IT will be a fiery time in the Fairfax volleyball competition this weekend at the Taurama Leisure Centre, when traditional rivals Raukele Dolphins meet Free Hox in the major semi-final of the senior men’s division.
The men from Hula (Dolphins) are coming back from weekend off, and their big guns Loi Walo, Noah Moses and John Hasu pumped for a big showing.
Walo in particular will be the danger man for Hox, as he can attack in the back court or more effectively when he marches up to the front which as been the case for his opponent’s throughout the regular season.
The Dolphins evergreen setter Steven Au has been in great form and will be out to penetrate the Hox defence with his fast spikes.
Free Hox should not be taken lightly though as captain Damien Robson brings a battle-hardened crew whose sole objective would be to make the Fairfax final and take the 2009 premiership.Hox left hand striker Ismaeal Areo, Kati Apini and Nema Woworu will be out in full strength to demolish dolphins finals dominance. But, they will be banking on their setter Willy Wari to give them perfect sets to bomb the Dolphins.