Cop summoned over case

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A POLICEWOMAN was summoned by the Waigani Committal Court to appear on Thursday to explain the status of the police file on a murder case in which a woman allegedly killed a man with a broken bottle.
Magistrate Jacinta Doa ordered arresting officer First Const Celcila Dangi to appear before her and explain the progress of the police file in the case of Wari Kundai from Sak village, Wapenamanda in Enga, after Kundai applied to have the charge struck out.
Magistrate Doa said she would reconsider Kundai’s application after hearing what First Const Dangi had to say.
“I have the discretion under the District Court Act to summon; there is a tendency for a very serious case to be struck out in court due to the lack of cooperation,” she said.
Magistrate Doa said she issued directions for the arresting officer to file affidavits and the police hand-up brief in court.
“Those directions were even heard in July and to date there is nothing,” she said.
“The court must also consider Kundai’s rights.”
Kundai remains in remand.
She was alleged to have killed the man after a fight broke out between Kundai, the man and his wife over beer between 6am and 8am during New Year in the Wildlife Settlement in Port Moresby.
The couple came to Kundai’s residence and stood outside her fence.
Kundai had been allegedly drinking with her friends leading up to New Year and was returning home when she saw them.
The wife of the deceased asked Kundai for beer but she said there was no beer and then they started arguing.
The man then threw a beer bottle and injured Kundai on her forehead.
Kundai asked why he did that but his wife then smashed a second bottle on Kundai’s head, followed by a third bottle thrown at Kundai’s head by the man, causing her to collapse unconscious.
After regaining consciousness, Kundai saw an empty beer bottle on the ground and chased after the couple with the bottle.
She allegedly struck the man twice on his head, causing the bottle to break into pieces.
She then allegedly got a sharp piece of the broken bottle and stabbed the deceased on his neck.
He started bleeding heavily and was rushed to the Port Moresby General Hospital but died at 3pm the same day.