Cops must learn that brutality does not pay

Letters, Normal

Police brutality must be eradicated at all cost.
Otherwise, it will drag the already poor reputation of the RPNGC further down the muddy track.
Many people have already lost their respect for the force.
Continuous police brutalities will only lead to more court cases and drain the State’s coffer unnecessarily.
An example of police brutality was supposedly said to have taken place last Nov 2 in Goroka where 53 members of Wamiyufa clan of Upper Asaro were said to have been severely beaten while in police custody (The National, Nov 11).
This is totally unacceptable and against human rights. Policemen involved must be disciplined accordingly.
Eastern Highlands PPC Augustine Wampe is correct to say police are here to protect the public and their properties.
On the same token, Mr Wampe would also agree that by law and as per police code of ethics, our policemen do not have any right to lay a finger on anyone.
Obviously, police brutalities are unnecessarily driven by personal ego and self-interest.
Police, as we understand, are to protect the interest of every citizen regardless of class, creed or status.
However, since Independence, the respect and pride of our policemen and women have taken a one-way traffic down the slope.


Nosovere Dizi Honde
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