Cops told to use code of ethics

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

THE JIWAKA police commander wants his policemen and women to stop using force and guns against offenders unless warranted.
Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop told his police officers in Minj on Wednesday to use their heads when executing their duties.
Tondop said the use of force was past practice and urged his officers to carry out their work within the confines of the law.
“I do not want my officers to go beyond their code of ethics and take the law into your hands,” he said.
“We are all covered under the same law and whatever we do, it must be within the law.”
Tondop spoke of discipline following an attack on one of his policemen on Sunday by six youths from the Kondika tribe in Minj town.
He urged his officers to work like public relation officers and get to as many people as they could.
Tondop told people outside the Minj police station that if they saw any of his policemen or women abusing his or her powers, to report to him directly.
He told the people that policemen and women were not above the law.
He said that any member of the force abusing his or her powers would face disciplinary actions.
Tondop said Jiwaka should have about 300 policemen and women and the current 60 were not enough.
Tondop told the people to look after policemen and women from different parts of the country working in the province.
He said police could look after the community in turn.