Corruption ruining UPNG


CORRUPTION has affected the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) over the years.
Despite being a national university that enrols a good number of students, corruption has found a way to thrive in this academic institution.
Corruption is found in almost every government institution.
People pay public servants in exchange for favours and services.
What is happening to us?
Corruption seems to be the next accepted trend.
Transparency is key to ensuring that we enjoy a good society.
People with lower grades make their way to UPNG by bribing their way in.
There are reports of student grades being altered.
Certain students access the dining hall when they’re not eligible to do so.
These students even secure rooms.
These students are the ones causing problems that ruin the university’s reputation.
We see what is happening everyday.
It’s even worse considering the fact that those in authority are providing an avenue for these students to become future leaders of this country.
This is not fair.
Something should be done to address this issue.
We cannot let corruption ruin our institutions.