Cost of goods, services high, says Kimisopa

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The National, Friday 7th September, 2012

PEOPLE are struggling with the high cost of goods and services in the country, Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa says.
“The government is not doing anything to improve the situation,” he said.
Commenting on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s development policy outlined in his speech in parliament this week, Kimisopa said there was no sign of the government offering tax concessions on basic materials to help reduce the cost of goods and services.
He said while the Government’s plans and political rhetoric looked good, people continued to struggle with the high cost of living.
He said more than K170 billion has been spent over the past 37 years since independence and K70 billion over the last 10 years but nothing has helped people’s struggle.
He said the banks were charging all sorts of fees, adding further burden on the ordinary people and the government has not responded.
He said all these needed political brains and not political fights to make changes for the sake of people’s lives.