Council eyes guide for victims of violence


THE Consultative Implementation Monitoring Council is preparing a guide to inform victims of violence how they can seek help.
Council national coordinator Marcia Kalinoe said this would educate people on services available.
“We have been advocating services for survivors of family and sexual violence and have in place referral pathways where we have the police, the family and sexual violence unit, the health sector response, family support centre, village court safe houses, legal support from public solicitors, public prosecutors, churches and NGOs,” Kalinoe said.
“We are looking at how to strengthen community knowledge around the services available especially in terms of justice.
“Give advocates knowledge and skills they can take with them and confidently talk about access to justice and what services are available. Centre selling paintings for disabled people
“The survivors and even the advocates lack this information. So this resource is to give them this information and equip them to go out confidently and advocate.”
Kalinoe said the resource kit which had pictures and explanations were developed following a meeting in May with service providers and stakeholders.
“We had a lot of service providers, including human rights defenders, who came together in that workshop and gave their ideas on what they see is already there and what they see is the missing link. Based on their recommendation, we have come up with a tool kit,” Kalinoe said.