Councillor promises to bring more development

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 MANUGORO ward councillor Mavaru Enaha says he is determined to bring more development to his people in the next five years.

Enaha said as councillor for the past five years, it had been a mammoth task to bring services to his people from Manugoro, Sabuia and Senunu but he had been able to deliver with the support of Rigo MP Ano Pala and Central Governor Kila Haoda.

He said one of the major projects he embarked on and was proud to have completed was the new community hall for the people of Manugoro, with funding support of K20,000 from Pala through the district services improvement programme (DSIP) funds.

“Holding community meetings under the trees will now be a thing of the past and people can now have proper meetings in a new modern building,” he said.

Enaha said the building would be used by the three villages to conduct meetings.

The hall includes a kitchen area and an office space to be used by the LLG council ward member.

Enaha said the hall could be used as an alternative venue for church gatherings, youth and women’s fellowships meetings and other community gatherings for a small fee.

He said all proceeds would go towards the long-term up-keep and maintenance of the building.

He said there were more developmental plans for the next five years, which included improving education, health and creating positive opportunities for youths through sports and other activities.

 “You must know your local MPs and work together and treat them with respect,” Enaha said.

“Most importantly you must know the government system of service delivery in the country.”