Councillors: Let people vote for presidents


SOME councillors in Morobe have urged Governor Ginson Saonu to see that people exercise their freedom of choice to elect their local level government presidents without any influence.
Karako ward councillor Russell Zeing in Sialum, Tewae-Siassi, said people from Karako, Gerup, Mayawa, Yuwi and Mineneko had opposed the government’s decision for councillors to elect presidents.
Zeing has served 15 years as a councillor in the interior of Sialum.
“Too much bribery to lobby councillors to vote for presidents was experienced in the past that led to clan, community and family fighting and killings,” he said.
Zare ward councillor Gayang Niaura in Morobe Post, Huon Gulf, agreed that councillors should be left alone to concentrate on village affairs.
“People must vote for their president based on merit and qualification because not all councillors know social issues in the wards,” Niaura said.
Meanwhile, Morobe land mediator Awa Naeman said people needed to exercise their freedom of choice in electing presidents.
“People know the abilities and qualities of candidates,” Naeman said. “The government shouldn’t steal or remove citizen’s freedom of choice by allowing councillors to play their lobby game.”
Bulolo community business representative Aaron Akui said bribery had been a problem in the past.
“Let people exercise their freedom of choice to elect ward councillors and presidents during the LLG election,” Akui said.

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