Counterfund road upgrade, Awesa told

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The National, Monday August 5th, 2013


MORE than 15,000 people living the Epinomi and Eligi areas of Imbonggu, Southern Highlands, have called on local MP and Works Minister Francis Awesa to counterfund a road upgrading project.

Many leaders, who spoke last Saturday at the Piambil Primary School, during the launching of the Epinomi-Piambil road upgrading project, said Governor William Powi had “answered our prayers” by giving K2 million for the road works.

Former primary school teacher Paul Anda said the road, which was built during the colonial period, was never maintained by politicians, including Awesa.

“My people and I wake up around 4am and walk with lamps and torch for more than 15km to catch a bus at the main road to travel into Mt Hagen and Mendi,” he said. 

“That is enough. We don’t want to live like our fathers do any more.” 

“This road is serving more than 15,000 people from the seven council wards and our MP must come and chip in some money to further extend the road upgrading project on top of what Powi has given.”

Anda said the K2 million given by provincial government would cover about 6km of the road.

He said when this happens, thousands of people living beyond Piambil, would still suffer from bad road condition.

“My people and I grow vegetables without the use of fertilizers but it is very hard to take them to the market because of the bad road,” he said.