Counting of votes in Goroka starts on Monday: Official

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THE counting of votes cast yesterday in the Goroko Open seat by-election is expected to begin on Monday, according to Returning Officer Ekiso Kosanama.
The ballot boxes from the 158 polling venues are being kept under guard at the police station.
There are 179,000 voters registered in the three local level governments. He expects counting to take three weeks.
“We dispatched 83 polling teams into the Gahuku LLG, 23 to the Goroka Urban LLG and 52 to Mimanalo,” he said.
Police were out in full force during polling and will monitor the counting process next week, according to Northern Command police boss Assistant Commissioner Peter Guinness.
“We will provide security during the by-elections for the people of Goroka and I am confident we have enough personnel for the polling and counting,” he said.
Extra officers were drawn from Lae and Madang.
“I appeal to the people of Goroka Open to be respectful as this is a court-ordered by-election,” he said. “We need to find a leader to represent us.”


  • counting must resume or start quickly a possible and the police personal on the ground for counting must be strong and not being corrupt by receiving bribery other wise we might end up in court and without a MP for the rest of the year till 2022. Appozo.


    It cant be 158 polling venues but would make more sense if they are polling teams since the known polling venues have always been 78.

    There are only 80,000 registered voters in the district and as the stated 179,000 is misleading and I surely hope it to be nothing more than an error otherwise there will be chaos.

  • it is very true and obvious that politicians in Goroka are very convincing and mind changers. But when it comes to real development perspective what have you all done during you terms. perhaps, Corruption is the development and giving excuses is your leaderships.

  • The current Goroka by election is well and truly overdue and it is indeed quite pleasing that it is now underway.
    This should NOT have happened had it not been rigged by the previous regime for selfish political gain which was not the people’s choice thus the election petition..
    Now that it is happening all over again due to the election petition brought on by the former MP to correct the error ridden 2017 election.
    With that, I hope the best candidate which the people mandated wins this by election.

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