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RETIRED and serving police offices are being investigated for offences such as gun-smuggling, fraud and theft, according to Police Minister Bryan Kramer.
It includes “massive corruption at the police headquarters in Port Moresby by retired and serving senior police officers”.
“Cases now under investigation are the smuggling of firearms, land/housing fraud, payroll fraud, drugs, fuel theft, insurance scam, stealing from the retired officers’ pension fund and misusing police allowances,” Kramer said.
“Investigations are halfway complete in most of the cases.
“Arrests will be done at the completion of the investigations.”
Kramer said the “massive corruption” at police headquarters in Konedobu were done during the term of the previous government.
He said the police force, once described as a national pride, had been “reduced to a private security business serving corrupt politicians and dodgy foreign businessmen”.
Meanwhile sources at police headquarters said detectives were struggling with the investigations into the smuggling of guns because the suspects were retired senior police officers.
“These retired senior officers purchased firearms for the police force and brought them into the country,” he said.
“However the firearms were then smuggled out of Port Moresby to another province by a private security company.”


  • Honorable minister for police & member for madang Mr Brian Kramer, I would credit you for the investigation carried out in headquarters & would encourage you to do the same to all other centres in the country. Congrats minister & wish you all the best in your career. May God richly bless you. Thanks
    Bata juxii@ketax

  • Good on you ploce Minister, please do every single thought you had in mind before you were a Police Minister. Leave No stone unturned. Get some good officers to help you do those investigations. Charge the implicated accordingly without fear or favor Minister.

    Good man, you are

    • GOROKA Eastern Highlands Province.. Police department of Prosecutors… need to change the old one… and recruiting the new one… All the department of the Force need to investigate and change for the better PNG… Goroka District court clerk…ect………………………………………….

  • There is no reason for any ‘system’ of governmental operations to operate in any country without an ‘independent, stable and transparent policing frame work.’ It is the policing system that based on independent policing, under the constitution, that oversee and protect the government system of operation in this country and its constituents. It is the reason of the police’s existence that creates an operating system (government) to be. In other words, a ‘seesaw’ cannot function when the ‘police’ and the ‘system’ are on the same side of the ‘seesaw.’ One side will remain down!

  • No one is above the law, police personnel simply serving the constitutions, they are not constitutions, they should be proud of the uniform they are wearing, instead, they corrupt the policing system. surely they become personal security for politicians, minister weed those who served the politicians as security, they takes duty travel every year, on allowances, they are highly paid, like politicians themselves. Good on you minister get rid of them.

  • Thank you Minister Kramer.This is long overdue.Systems are meant to work.Its the people that continue to abuse the system.About time those people fou d guilty should be held accountable.Nobody is about the law. They have tainted tbe image of the men in blue uniform, reputation and credibility of the many who continue to uphold the law..

  • The Police Department suppose to be the most disciplined force, yet it is not in Papua New Guinea. Corruption is far too prevalent because the very law-enforcing government agency (police force) is full of corruption.

    Please Mr Kramer, I think there’s also another better alternative to address the problem of corruption in the police department. Unlike other Government agencies, since the Police Department has a highly significant role in ensuring proper implementation of law and order in the country, the police officers themselves need to be highly disciplined and good law-abiding citizens of PNG so that they can lead by example. This is strangely lacking in the police department. In order for the police department to create a highly disciplined police working environment, I would like to suggest the following:
    There must be a proper set of selection criteria and screening methods in place for new applicants who apply for police training at the Bomana College in the future. Selection criteria for an applicant should include successful completion of Grade 12, a few years of minimum work experiences, good religious background, no criminal record, and evidence of maturity (age requirement).

    In my own view, I think the vast majority of policemen/women who are currently serving this country had not undergone such proper screening for acceptance into Bomana Police College. Many of them had bad history of their past. For instance, some, having expelled from School due to bad behaviors and ending up living in the streets until someone gave them hope by sending them to Bomana College. Others were probably dropped outs from Primary and High Schools because they had done poorly due to their bad attitudes. When they attend Bomana College, nothing change. Their bad character traits still remain in them and they reflect those bad attitudes when they join the police force after finishing from college.

    Therefore, I strongly suggest that there must be a proper selection criteria and screening process in place for new applicants for college admission if the country really wants to see good changes and improvement in the police force in the future.

  • You can play hide & seek game as much as you can coz you think than you owned that organizatios which you were employed,you can hide under your table,point fingers to your man on the ground but only a time will tell and reveal you’ve done over the years…that the time where PRISION is waiting for..minister uproot all the slack and cola money top officers in you department likewise other government departmenst to TAKE BACK PNG,I hope its just the beginning so over to you other government ministers….follow Mr.Bk he leads by examples…

  • If the Police dept is corrupt to the core, imagine other dept the receive huge budgets.

    Corruption is now normal in most departments. That is the dangerous ground to be in as a nation.

    Unless drastic measure are taken, no big gold mine or big LNG will rescue us from the poverty stricken state we are in.

  • All top ranking officers including the Provincial and Station Commanders. All other officers and sergeants would not dare act against their superiors so the onus is on the big bosses.
    Mr. Police Minister, you are doing a good job by investigating them, that way we will halt similar corrupt and illegal practices by the Police Department in the future.

  • Under the table game again.
    As long as the hard cash is there, zip lock the mouths.
    What a sad sight! Clean the basket of apples please. Discard the the rotten ones!
    Thanks Mr Kramer

  • Thank you police Minister. Serve without fear or favour. If we are going to fight corruption, it will be head on!. Theres no turning back now.

  • Great work minister. We need to take PNG back on the road. This work should also be extended to other government departments as well.

  • This investigation is long overdue. Minister what you have shown reflects the deteriorating of once high esteemed job. Corruption, misuse and abuse of police uniform is rampant. The call is timely. Your need to develop police service delivery quality standards. And office performing below these standards should be sucked or removed for incompetence.

  • Action speak louder than voice, Just toktok planti stp lo media stp, After spending lots of money in investigations on crime of government officials or workers or the reach and wealthy people, none of those victims shall be sent to the jail or further punish, what the wastage of time, you a confusing us with your confusion, a country of richer and wealthy people overlook the law and poor unemployed people and over punish those poor citizen with crime of no value, what the unjustice is our people and the law.

  • Hat off to you Mr Kramer, you are doing the right thing. Take Back PNG starts with the Disciplinary Forces who will implements and executes of the Laws of the country. If they are corrupt, there is no law in the country. Our support and Prayers are with you and PM JM.

  • Thank you very much Honorable MP “Mr Bryan Kramer”. Keep up the Good work. You are a “CHOSEN LEADER”. i Thanked God for the people who elected you in the 2017 National Election. At least you can make a difference, somehow somewhere.

    I’m appealing to the simple people of PNG, please offer our prayers for him because what he is doing already endangers his life. Corrupt politicians and academics will attack him from all angles.

    Hon. Bryan kramer, plis was gut long yu yet long olgeta wokabaut bilong yu. Mipela i nidim kain lida olsem yu stret.

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