Students facing charges told to bring parents to court

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SEVEN of the 81 students arrested last weekend at a beach in Kokopo over alleged illegal activities have been told to come to court next week with their parents.
The seven are facing charges of being in possession of marijuana and homebrew.
The other 74 have been charged with loitering.
Police, after being tipped off by two girls who claimed to have been robbed by the students, found the 81 on Mamapua beach.
Seven were supposed to appear in the Kokopo District Court yesterday but all the cases were adjourned to next week.
Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Noel Baur said the files on the students had not been completed by the arresting officers.
Baur said he asked the court for an adjournment because police needed to get more information.
“Those charged with being in possession of homebrew are out on a police bail of K400 each,” he said.
He said while waiting for the completion of files, the prosecution told the students to go home and return with their parents to court on Monday.
Meanwhile the Council of Churches has urged the government to address cult worshipping in PNG.
General secretary Rev Roger Joseph said the cult movement was “totally void of Christian principles and values”. “They are delving into witchcraft and other evil practices,” he said.
“We all must stand together to end cult practices (meant to) intimidate and influence the minds of our children.”


  • Rev Roger Joseph should not urge the government to stop Cult Worshiping in the nation, its a Spiritual issue that has to be addressed by the Council Of churches, Jesus did not give the Keys to any Politician, or any government,
    The Lord gave it to Peter the Rock, you are the rock, the church that is built on Rock, not on sand, Rev Joseph take it up in the Church of Council meetings to sort out……..

  • There are ruminant Churches in this nation, spending 40 days fasting to deal with these issue today if Jesus did it, the Church can deal with, The Lord is greater then the Cult……

  • Cult worship is satanic and it’s rituals are satanic. It’s not Godly, within the the Christian values, beliefs and spiritual principles we uphold. Our young leaders in our national education system practicing cult like culture is worrying. I don’t want my country in the next 20 years to be run by cult leaders. Police you have the evidences, hard punishment must given to deter such practices in the future.

  • These kids will eventually become a liability to the nation if we don’t do something about this now . They need to be punished severely, otherwise they become the devils tool to destroy other people. Keep them locked up until the next school year and during this time teach them Christianity.

  • A Christian nation educating criminals and gangsters to run our country in the future is a serious and dangerous. So far education department has done nothing to severely punish and terminate or even imprison such little devils who are systematically practicing cult in our institutions for years.

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