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DO not be alarmed and say this man here is purely pouring down all the self-egotisms in this letter.
Take this as a cry of frustration to put into the spot light some unique Papua New Guineans dwelling in our midst who have played some important roles in the public and private sectors.
These unique people can do extraordinary things that will give rise to questions as to which university they have graduated from.
You can only say that these people are gifted.
While working in a flour factory as a line loader (packer man), I fixed a massive 12-foot cubic flour plain shifter in only two hours when all the maintenance engineers and electricians spent two days trying to get it up and running.
With this, I was given a role as a plant fitter where I worked for only six months and was promoted to be a maintenance shift supervisor mainly due to my performance.
I have built a filtration pulsing unit for the mill where I designed the unit’s structure plus its electronic control using simple timer relays, solenoids and local purchased pipes and valves.
I was promoted once more and became the engineering team leader and second in charge to the maintenance manager in less than a year.
Now I am an electrical and a mechanical technician and supervisor in the largest printing and packaging manufacturer in the Pacific.
I can fix any machinery equipment – electrically or mechanically.
I am momentarily doing energy saving projects for the company and one which I am proud to say, I am building three cooling tower systems for the reduction of water consumption during production.
It is a major cost saving project.
Yes, I am good. With all these, I am still a grade 10 school leaver.
I have no certification from a recognised college or university or a tradesman certification.
That is the sole reason why I cannot get an employment contract in the mines after sending my applications a thousand times.
I have some wildest dreams of working in one of Russia’s space stations as a technician or an operator.
Or a chief engineer in a naval base hangar in the US building warships and designing submarines. There is a woman from my neighbourhood who can learn languages from different villages and tribes in a day and can speak it fluently.
There are lot of such gifted people who can do more incredible and extraordinary things if given the opportunity or a boost to enhance their abilities. The Government should do a study to come up with a system or pathway for these gifted people.
For certification purposes, the National Trade Testing Board should assist these gifted people.
Colleges and universities should develop a flexible pathway for people already in the industry to have a chance to acquire a diploma or a degree while working so they too can one day be someone working in a space station designing a spaceship to travel into another galaxy.

Electromechanical Maniac,
Lae, Morobe

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  • Wow! Your written English language is excellent, given that you are only a grade 10 school leaver. Keep it up.

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