Create ways to save land, says Malabag

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The National, Wednesday 27th March, 2013

THE national government should create a constructive mechanism to save customary and state land from being manipulated, whether through an inquiry or development arrangement, Health Minister Michael Malabag said.
He said the primary intention of the SABL or ILG to acquire customary lands by lease for development has been abused or manipulated by those involved in the process.
Malabag said in parliament yesterday that the least the government “could” do was to let the situation continue.
“The good intention of the SABLs and ILGs instituted 30 years ago to free up customary land for development has been manipulated by the big boys under the pretext of agriculture, and if nothing is done by the government, then we’re bound for destruction. 
“There is no safeguard or monitoring mechanism to control this problem by protecting such processes that concern vital developments for the country and the people,” he said.
Malabag said the housing project for nurses in NCD was left unsettled by the National Housing Corporation since completion at the end of last year and was depriving nurses their benefits. 
He said the issue of various contractors doing the same project cost the state more on variation of arrangement of projects when different contractors took over incomplete tasks.