Current Kumuls not up to par

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 16th November 2011

I watched the second match of the Sun Engineering Cup between PNG Kumuls and Fiji Bati.
I am sorry to say that the Kumuls’ performance was below par although we managed to eke out a win.
What saddened me was the players’ failure to play as a team.
While I appreciate the efforts made by the head coach Adrian Lam, the players did not learn that there is no “I” in this word – T-E-A-M.
It was a disgrace to see the players looking for personal glory.
One example was when Jessie Joe Parker’s attempt to steal the limelight.
Instead of going for the tryline, Parker opted to run into the centre where a Bati  caught him and caused him to lose the ball.
That was a mistake a footballer should not have made.
Ball security was a big problem and the players lacked stamina and speed.
If what I saw was the best the Kumuls could offer, then I would say the Fijians made us look good.
As such, it is imperative we have a junior development programme as the present set of Kumuls will never make us proud.

Die-hard rugby fan
Port Moresby