Curse rather than blessing in disguise

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PAPUA New Guinea is ready to benefit from the PNG LNG Project benefit for the next 30 years
The landowners are already paid millions in compensation and seed capital however, these people are taking advantage of this to the point that money will actually become curse rather than a blessing.
The landowners are on a drinking spree, shopping spree after getting the seed capital as liquor outlets run dry and drink-driving road accident climb. These are signs of more bad things to come; it is only a matter of time. So far, there are many drunks, marriage breakdowns, school children are refusing to go to school, landowner disputes are on the rise while AIDS/HIV continues unchecked.
I urge the landowners to use their new-found wealth wisely instead of on gambling and liquor. 


Ari Waga Amesii
Port Moresby