Dadae sings songs of praise


GOVERNOR-General Sir Bob Dadae has commended the Lutheran Church in the country for taking part in the celebration to mark the church’s  500th anniversary.
Dadae and wife, Lady Anna, were in Mt Hagen on Tuesday to join members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC) celebrate the event.
Dadae said that he was happy to see that people celebrating the day, which had a lot of meaning.
He said this was the time for Christians to get together to celebrate what Martin Luther did 500 years ago when he challenged the Catholic Church.
“This is the special moment for you to come together and celebrate in God’s kingdom,” he said.
“This reformation day is for everyone to come together and celebrate it because they all have a reason to take part.”
He said reformation meant a lot to the people and they needed to start doing something for the God’s kingdom as Luther did.
“We need to do something where God gets all the glory and I’m very happy to take part in this celebration here in Mt Hagen,” he said.
Sir Bob commended the Lutherans for making the day successful throughout the country.
Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti also thanked members of the Lutheran Church for making the day colourful.
He said doing something for the Lord brought great rewards.
“I take this time to thank each and everyone of you who have been busy organising this event,” Wingti said.
Wingti said it was a special day for all churches to celebrate and thank God for using Luther to start the reformation in the church.
Meanwhile, Wingti committed K250,000 to the ELC Hagen district to build its new office and also promised to purchase a new tent for church gathering and other big occasions.

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