Daily PMV chaos at Waigani service station

Letters, Normal

CAN the authority do something about the chaotic situation caused by PMV buses at the Waigani service station?
It is a nightmare for commuters every day.
My child and I were almost run down last week by a taxi driver who was trying to get out of a place full of buses.
Many buses do not complete their routes, especially during peak morning and afternoon hours.
They use the petrol station as a pick-up and drop-off point.
We are supposed to pay 80 toea for a one-way trip not K1 as demanded.
Some passengers are not paying the full amount, forcing the drivers and their crew to make up for the shortfall by taking short cuts and not completing their designated routes.
Hopefully, the anticipated new system planned by the NCDC and other stakeholders will help to alleviate this problem once and for all.


Sawa Nalum
Port Moresby