Children miss out because of absent teacher

Letters, Normal

I AM not sure if the headmaster for Huonville Primary School has realised this but a particular Grade Five teacher has been continuously absent from the school since last year.
Many parents have raised this issue but the school has chosen to stay silent.
This is not fair on the students as they have missed out vital education through no fault of theirs.
I have been going through my son’s books and he hardly has any homework.
Even the homework and assignments that he passed up were not corrected.
How can our children learn if their assignments are not being corrected?
How do we expect our children to learn when the teacher is absent or should I say missing in action most of the time?
We, the parents, have spent a considerable amount of money on our children’s school fees and expect them to be educated.
Can the headmaster tell us what measures will be taken?


Concerned parent