Damaged Angabanga bridge delays classes at Mainohana

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 08th Febuary 2012

CLASSES in Central have resumed as planned except for the Mainohana Secondary School, in the Bereina district.
Students are finding it difficult to reach the school because of the damaged Angabanga Bridge.
The bridge was damaged in a recent flood.
Provincial education adviser Titus Hatagen confirmed that all other schools in the province had resumed.
It is expected that classes at Mainohana would resume on Feb 20, but all will depend on authorities responsible for repairing the bridge or providing an alternate route for children to use to reach the school.
Most schools in the province have received their funding from the government under the free education policy.      
Hagita Secondary School in Milne Bay also had a late start because of the bad weather.
Deputy principle administrator Julie Chauka said a large number of students were yet to arrive.
They are expected to be at the school by the end of the week as the weather has improved.
Students from Fergusson, Rossell and Misima islands are also waiting for the weather to improve before travelling.
Chauka was unable to confirm if the school had received its funding from the government.
Cameron Secondary School reported that classes have resumed but it was still to receive its funding.
However, school secretary Agatha Makula said the school had gone ahead with student registration.
She said with the subsidised fees, boarding students would be paying K375 while day students K247.50.
Rabe primary school headteacher Lavinia Sonason confirmed that classes had begun but the school needed a major clean-up.