Day will come when we defeat corruption

Letters, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

OUR response to corruption has been too little, too late as the epidemic has gained momentum and become embedded in our culture.
The trend is very alarming and clearly calls for serious intervention from the government.
Corruption will continue to erode human development achievements, deepen poverty and further hinder access to education, health and a viable livelihood.
Corruption is a threat to Vision 2050 if no effective measure is taken.
We need good leaders at different levels to realise the importance in the fight against corruption.
Year after year, the people of PNG talk about the shameful misdeeds of those who run this country.
We have raised our voices in condemnation of the never-ending corruption.
The people’s living conditions, already difficult, are steadily getting worse and becoming unbearable.
Buying power has declined and
the cost of living has increased.
The people are too poor to feed and clothe their families, send their children to school, afford housing or medical care and they are denied the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, etc.
Due to the lack of proper medical amenities, our people are ravaged by dreaded diseases such as tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc, not to mention the high maternal and child mortality rate.
Silently, people cry out “enough”, in a world gone morally and legally mad, where few either speak for humankind or with a human face.
It is our task to nurture, strengthen and bring intellectual and political sustenance to talk about corruption.
This task is not easy because the very nature and definition of corruption is ambiguous.
But there will come a time when the country will know that their labour and resources would not go in vain.
The power of the people to say who we are, and to define our own identity and relate to our history is fundamental to our existence.
Consequently, the people will speak the language of action and there will be a mighty awakening among men, women and children of this country.
The day of reckoning between the forces of freedom and those of reaction is not far off.
I do not have the slightest doubt when that day comes, truth and justice will prevail.

Jack Atte Kapa
Dumun, Chimbu