Dead babies found in dumps in NCD

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The National- Thursday, January 20, 2011


UPNG journalism student

POLICE have confirmed that many dead babies have been found in rubbish dumps in Port Moresby.

This follows the discovery of the body of a dead baby at sea near Wanigela settlement on Monday morning.

The baby boy was believed to be delivered on 

Monday morning and dumped in the most inhumane way.

No one knows the identity of the mother but Const Ipai Kaivira from Koki cop shop said that was the sixth time, a baby was found around that area.

According to villagers from Wanigela, the corpse was discovered by two women who were looking for spots to relieve themselves when they realised that there was a bad smell around that area.

The baby had a big scratch on his head and appeared to be just a few hours old at the time the body was discovered. 

A St John Ambulance was called later to take the corpse to the hospital.