Deal with vagrants


I AGREE with Laven Giblee for National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop and the NCD Commission to delay the enforcement of the anti-colour bond fence policy.
It is not warranted at this time.
I have lived in Waigani after paying off my property since 2006.
In the front of my residence, there is a small space reserved for my driveway and parking, which I have beautified and left it open since.
About two years ago, some vagrants started coming and loitering in and around this area.
Eventually, they started bringing wooden makeshift tables and old refrigerators and started selling betel nuts and other goods.
Many of their relatives joined them later.
They would stay there as early as 6am up till 1am every day.
They pile all their rubbish in front of my residence and resorted to burning them.
I have smoke polluting my residence since they started selling their items in front of my house.
Recently, I sought help from the police to address this.
They were asked to move away from the area.
But they were not willing to do so.
The police advised me to put up a fence immediately to completely seal the space off.
I had put up a corrugated fence (colour bond) so that these vagrants do not have access to that area, let alone not see the available space meant for me.
Even after that, they returned and have continued selling along the side of the fence towards the main road.
Parkop, if you are to remove this fence I had put up, it would be better if you get these vagrants out of my residence first. I hope you are considerate knowing that I paid a mortgage to a bank with my hard-earned salary to acquire my residence for a peaceful and comfortable living while I work here in NCD.
I pay for the municipal services and I am a public servant.
I am paying my fair share of income tax.
Do these vagrants pay anything to sell in front of my place?
Taking down the fence that I put up without dealing with them will not be fair.
This city continues to be marred by vagrants taking up spaces that do not belong to them.
Deal with them first before taking down fences.

Wureh Tadam,
Concerned NCD Resident