Marape’s vision can be achieved


PRIME Minister James Marape’s slogan of taking back PNG will still be achieved as his government has done so much since taking power.
Critics may have a different opinion on this, but what Marape has in his mind seems visible and changes are evolving.
Under Marape, the Government successfully enacted the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Icac).
Icac is a fundamental tool for a healthy democracy.
Marape is on the right track.
I commend him for taking a stand to eradicate corruption.
Icac should not be abused.
The commission should be independent from the Government and free from political interference.
Marape’s efforts to have the Government pass Icac without delay signifies the beginning of a promising government to take our nation forward.
Other developments can follow this.
The Pangu-led government spearheaded by our Christian leader has embarked on a right track in handling and managing our nation.
I want to assure our nation that Marape is slowly changing our nation and I commend him for his leadership.

Justin Max Undi