‘Death penalty a fair decision’


PUBLIC prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin says the decision to impose the death penalty or life imprisonment on those convicted of sorcery-related killings is in the best interest of the people.
Kaluwin said members of Parliament who passed the amendment to the Criminal Code were representing the views of the people.
“Those in parliament represent the views of the people who gave their mandate to them,” he said.
“They have the authority of Papua New Guineans to legislate.”
Kaluwin said laws were meant to be executed after they were passed by parliament.
“We have persons who have already been sentenced to death and to be executed,” he said.
“When they will be executed, that’s a matter that can be administratively dealt with by the Correctional Services authorities, together with other relevant authorities.
“I understand that there have been some other legal issues, such as human rights issue, that have been taking place.
“But as I said, laws are made by legislators who represent the people.
“So if it’s for the good of the people that whoever commits a serious offence should be killed, then that’s the law – until and when it is changed.”