Deceased’s family wants staff to work honestly


THE family members of Imelda Tubi Tiamanda, who was allegedly murdered by her medical doctor husband in May, want Correctional Services (CS) staff to carry out their job diligently and uphold the law at all times with trustworthy.
They are alleging that some prison wardens are preparing to stand as guarantors for Dr Simon Temo’s release on bail from Baisu prison in Western Highlands.
Imelda’s father, Tubi Tiamanda, said since the murder, he had no intention to resort to violence but to leave the matter to the law.
Tiamanda said the relatives of late Imelda would like to know whether any prison staff had permission to become a guarantor of serious crime where offenders are awaiting trial.
He wants on CS commissioner Stephen Pokanis to explain the process where an officer can become a guarantor.
Tiamanda said they had welcomed the Mt Hagen District Court decision in May to remand Temo with his two accomplishes Paul Ken and Nombe Kasu in Baisu prison and the CS should not act otherwise as “we have rejected any form of compensation”.
“We want them held behind bars and are also rejecting any form of compensation.
“We, the immediate family members, would like to bring this matter to the attention of Pokanis and to uphold justice.
“We have trust in the judiciary system to complete its process,” he added.
Baisu prison commander Supt Ranson Tiki said he was not aware of any staff trying to be a guarantor to grant bail for Temo.
“Temo is still in prison and we are not releasing him,” he said.
“We are unaware of any move to have him released on bail.”