Decision on Rangers today

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The National, Monday, May 2, 2011

THE Waigani National Court is expected to hand down its directions today, regarding last Thursday’s urgent application by the Masta Mak City Rangers franchise seeking interim restraining orders to halt the 2011 Digicel Cup   expected to kick start this Sunday.
It was alleged in the application that first and second defendants, chairman Don Fox and PNG NRL board had imposed discriminatory requirements on Rangers with the intention to omit the team from the competition.
The court was supposed to hear and issue directions on the matter last Friday but Ranger’s counsel had sought an adjournment, stating that his client, team’s franchise owner Kelly Aiyok had not briefed him on certain matters as yet, prompting him to request for an adjournment to today.
The application was to prevent official draws and the official launch of the competition whilst the team’s fate was yet to be determined. 
Last Friday the defendant’s counsel raised the concern that the launching was expected to take place the next day (last Saturday), and the adjournment of the hearing would affect the plan stating that if the court issued directions in favor of the appellant the launching would have been done for nothing.
He also argued to have the matter resolved there and then   last Friday, raising concerns on legal implications for launching the event; an action which had become a subject matter in court.
However, Justice Roy Thompson said  the  cup launching could proceed as planned because the court had not yet issued restriction orders, and that the appellant was the party seeking the adjournment.