Decision unchristian, says bishop

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The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

REV Bishop Nick Aiyene, head of the Gutnuis Lutheran church (GLC) in PNG said that the National Court’s decision to prevent him and other church elders to perform their duties is not in the best interest of the GLC congregation.
Aiyene made this call after former head bishop of GLC David Piso won a court case on Dec 6, in the Wabag National Court preventing him from carrying out church duties as newly elected head bishop of GLC.
“I am the duly elected head bishop of GLC and the National Court’s decision to nullify my election and stopping me and my fellow reverends from carrying out our duties is unchristian, unethical, irresponsible, destructive and unheard of in the Christian world,” Aiyene said. 
He said any disputes arising from the church must be solved within the church and not taken to a court of law.
“Everything to do with the church must be thought out and trialed biblically,” Aiyene said.
He said Piso could not be the head bishop because he had continuously abused the office of GLC head bishop for 28 years and had never at any one time been humbled enough to step down when allegations were raised against him by church members.
Aiyene said the original court proceedings taken to court by Piso was “not on the leadership of the church but the standing of the three church reverends and the secretary namely Maniosa Yakasa, John Nathan, Pesato Epe and Ezekiel Peter David as legitimate members of GLC”.
Aiyene said he was confused by the court’s decision and would be seeking a stay order from the Supreme Court to review the decision to stop him from carrying out his function as the newly elected head bishop of GLC.
“I appeal to Christians and GLC members throughout the country to stay calm and celebrate Christmas peacefully and not to take sides with any party while the higher court reviews the National Court’s decision to revoke my appointment as head bishop of the church,” Aiyene said.