Justice reports good year, says Kalinoe

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The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

HAVING the spirit to rekindle the flame of a government institution needs collective effort and professionalism, and it takes dedicated people to do so.
This was the keynote address by secretary for the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) Dr Lawrence Kalinoe at the department’s Christmas celebration last Friday.
Kalinoe commended all offices within DJAG, especially the public curator’s office (PCO).
He said the PCO and the official trustee of the state was a runaway train, however, it was now a success story for all.
Kalinoe added it had been a rewarding year, especially for the PCO and the solicitor-general’s office, adding these offices were of significance and people must know their functions and responsibilities.
“There were challenges in all department offices but with dedication and professionalism of all staff all went well, which resulted in the smooth and successful running of DJAG,” he said.
Kalinoe encouraged everyone to keep up the good work and maintain the spirit when they come back next month.
He urged all staff and their families to celebrate Christmas with its true spirit, reflect on this year’s happenings and look forward to the New Year.
Also present at the later part of the function in the afternoon was the newly appointed Attorney-General, Sir Arnold Amet.
The Christmas celebration at the Sir Buri Kidu Foundation was a success with the deejays of Tubusereia belting out old tunes and a galore of food and drinks served, all thanks to DJAG.