Defence solid, ball handling poor

Letters, Normal

Much has been said about the performance of the Kumuls in the Four Nations match against the Kangaroos.
The defence was absolutely exceptional.
In fact, it was one of best defensive displays against the professional and highly paid Kangaroos.
However, what went wrong was our ball security and general attack and we also failed to read the opposition’s sudden change of attacking tactics.
Due to solid defence, the Kangaroos had to resort to kicking options.
Several kicks were directed towards the same corner where errors kept on repeating.
I hope our young coach has realised this and made the necessary change of fullback or winger in that dreadful corner before the next match.
You cannot afford to make error after error against the Kangaroos.
Unfortunately, the referee did not see it as a solid defence when some high profile Kangaroos ended injured and awarded some unwarranted penalties against the Kumuls to ease the intensity of our fiery defensive game.
Most of the points were scored in the first half and had we controlled the ball better, the result could have been different.
At this juncture, I would like to ask the government and sports minister to employ a professional coach on a contract basis.
His main task is to scout and mould young Kumuls and coaches like Stanley Gene understudy him and then take over later.


Steven Supi Palisa
Port Moresby