Dept stops land compo claims

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THE Department of Lands and Physical Planning has stopped addressing land compensation matters because there is no funding, secretary Benjamin Samson says.
Samson told The National that the Government had stopped funding land compensation claims in its annual budget since 2020.
“Public notices have been put up to advise that no claims will be received because there was no allocation for compensation,” he said.
“It’s not our call to find money, we only receive money.
“When the Government gives us, we pay the landowners, if they don’t give us, we don’t pay.”
Samson said the department would be visiting schools and established Government institutions to get information on required land size.
He said some of the institutions and schools such as the pre-schools did not have a big portions of land.
Samson said this exercise would enable them to determine which schools and institutions had bigger land space.
“We have discussed about this and we are going to legislate it,” he said.
“The amendment will have regulations under the Land Act.
“We want to let our people know that availing their land for Government services is like a public-private partnership.
“You as landowners give the customary land for Government services so you don’t need to ask for compensation.
“It’s more like double-dipping, you get paid for the land and get the service from that land that you already got paid for.”


  • The last phrase double-dipping, in most areas land is owned by families and not the clan or tribe. once the land is made available eg. for school everybody benefit the service so still government need to pay compensation to the landowners.

  • I support your opinion Secretary Samson. Its about time the Government must make a BOLD STAND AGAINST LAND COMPENSATION CLAIMS for Lands, which, Government Services are provided for. Examples of land for schools, hospitals, roads, highways, bridges, wharfs, airports/airstrips, plus many other services provided by the government. People are benefiting from the services provided by the government, and yet call for compensation. This is NONSENCE, and GREED. Must be stopped!!!!

  • Land compensation is allowed for under the land Act especially when such land is acquired by the state for public purpose.
    Such acquisition needs to be orderly effected and prioritized based on Government priorities and by the specific needs of a region,town or LLG area.
    A proper yearly land acquisition planning should attract yearly funding. Without such acquisition key Government services will not reach the people. A person deprived of land for public purpose needs to be FAIRLY compensated for. That’s the common law in many western democracies.

  • Bad call. You won’t get any extra land this way. The government doesn’t own customary land. Everyone pays for education so your plan will not work

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