Deputy administrator must sort out office


IN Monday’s The National a headline read “Morobe plans to shift policy focus to villages” and I have to raise a few points on that.
The first point is that the Kundu Vision 2050 and Kundu Vision 2048 have been documented and been around a number of years now for implementation.
So what has the deputy administrator social services been
doing all this time and is now planning to shift focus to the villages?
If he had been implementing the policies, then by now, he should be coming out in the media to review and provide explanations as to how Morobe is performing on those visions.
Not planning.
Secondly, Morobeans are now used to all this “empty big talk” from the social services sector.
All around the province, law and order problems are increasing, mothers are being assaulted with no support services and youths are freely carrying out unlawful activities.
There is division under the deputy administrator’s nose, the office of community development, women and youth is so disorganised with lack of reliable services reaching the districts.
The excuse we hear is that there is no budget.
A simple request, on behalf of the long-suffering people of
rural Morobe, would be for the deputy administrator to sort this administration before going to the media to give us more false hope.
Thirdly, I hope the deputy administrator has been visiting the districts to understand the current situation in the villages.
In reality, there is a big “disconnect” between LLGs and the provincial headquarters, so much so that villagers are left to fend for themselves.
Most LLG administrations are non-functional as presidents and councillors have moved to Lae or wherever to pursue their personal interests.
So I kindly ask the deputy administrator social services to please go to the villages in the districts, collect information and then make a statement.
A wise man would always plant a garden with a bountiful harvest before he can publicly show the fruits of his labour.
Please refrain from making another promise that will not transcend into any benefit for rural Morobeans.

Concerned Morobean