Developer awaits funding

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


THE Gulf provincial administration has been blamed for the delay of the release of K4 million for the Kikori water project.

The money was part of the K9 million earmarked for the  Kikori water project, K5 million has been used in the project. 

An incorporated landowner group (ILG) from the Kikori Oil Pipeline License two area Bioma Ekamo Holdings, was tasked to build the project in the west and east regions of Kikori, in Gulf.

Director Bioma Ekamo Holdings Bomsy Boviro expressed disappointment at the delay by the Gulf provincial administration to release the funding under the Infrastructure Development Grant (IDG).

Boviro said 15 villages were now enjoying the water supply built by the company through the IDG, and they wanted to complete the project and were still waiting for the money.

The feasibility study of the project that was carried out by engineers from Teek Ltd has been completed and is awaiting funding from the Gulf provincial government.

Gulf Governor Havila Kavo yesterday refuted the claims, saying a lot of money for the Kikori project was not properly accounted for.

He said Bomsy’s group had K5 million already but there was nothing to show for it. 

Generally, millions of kina have been dished out under the pretext of IDG projects, he said.

Kavo said the Gulf administration had completed the audit on IDG fundings in the province and it would publish names in the newspapers