Digicel service


I LIVE some 11 miles from the central business district of Lae city.
Eager to watch the third State of Origin, I enquired at the local Digicel office.
I was advised that only those residing within 5- mile radius of the central business district would access the game through the Digicel play box while those outside will have to purchase an additional Digicel TV dish.
This means I have to leave the comfort of my home and take another costly and risky journey down to the city just to access a service only enjoyed by the few.
Communications Minister Rainbo Paita, people want to watch State of Origin games at their homes, whether it be in Lae city or in the thick jungles of Menyamya.
This is one indicator to measure our development progress in realising and achieving our dreams.

Lancelot Kamale
Markham Bridge