Dinghy needed to stop people dying in river


PEOPLE from Bosave local level government in Southern Highlands are in need of a dinghy for crossing the Tagali River that separates Bosave and Kutubu LLGs, says Bosave LLG president Benson Gobi.
He revealed their need when acting provincial administrator Joseph Cajestan visited on Friday.
Cajestan was there to see how the people were faring since the the February earthquake.
Gobi said the Tagali River was wide and a bridge could not be constructed. A dinghy was the best option, he said.
He said his people go to Kutubu to buy essentials but needed a dinghy to cross the river.
Gobi said they were doing it tough out there.
“It is really sad if you see how people carry their mobile phones and climb trees or walk miles to hills or mountain to access Digicel reception,” he said.
“Their only way to have access to basic government services is to walk many miles to Kutubu. Many, however, are now in fear of doing this after five people drowned while crossing the river.”
Gobi said as LLG president, he walked to Kutubu, and then used rafts to cross the Tagali River to attend provincial assembly meetings in Mendi.
“I have seen and experienced the hardship people here face every day,” he said.
“We are one of the last LLGs in the country that is yet to see real government services.”
Gobi said Cajestan’s coming to Bovase brought hope to the people.
Cajestan said his visit was purposely to see what their needs were after the earthquake.
He said their plea for a dinghy was important because people have drowned crossing the river.

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