Diploma course gives Correctional Services cadets recognised qualification


EIGHT cadet officers from the Correctional Services will be the first to graduate with a Diploma in Correctional Administration next year under a new in-service cadet programme.
The 12-month diploma programme was initiated after an analysis of CS duties, said Training Commandant Chief Inspector Redmond Danjiri said last Friday.
“These eight officers will qualify after they have completed their eight-month on-the-job training and after completing their log books,” he said.
The programme was offered through the University of Papua New Guinea Open College.
“It also opens the door for future senior executives or officers to be trained in a year and they can attain a degree or masters in correctional administration,” he said.
He said the Bomana CS College wanted its officers to graduate as commissioned officers through the diploma programme.
“The bottom line here is that we would like to have a certification that is recognised by the University of Papua New Guinea so that our officers can also work with the general public outside,” Danjiri said. “We would like develop a workforce that CS officers when they finish or when they want to choose a greener pasture they can also go out and speak the same language with the public service outside.”


  • Dear sir I really appreciate CS to offer that program.You Cs officers needs to be trained enough to speak the same language with the public service outside.Thank you and God bless.

  • It’s much better that this program is implac to enhance the correctional service cs officers inoder to standaz with the compatitive would,congratulation for those who impliment this program.

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