Disabled teenager Nogang to receive wheelchair

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DISABLED teenager Tita Nogang is expected to receive a new wheel chair today – thanks to a company in Lae.
Tita, 18, of Bugaim village in the Yabim-Mape local level government area in Finschaffen, Morobe, uses his right arm to help him move around as his limbs are paralysed.
He caught the attention of a group of police officers from Port Moresby deployed to Morobe who decided to buy him a wheelchair.
After the story was published in The National last week, Lohberger Engineering volunteered to give Tita the wheelchair he needed.
Lohberger Engineering supervisor Jonathan Belden yesterday handed over the wheel chair to police group leader Sgt John Bain in Lae yesterday.
Sgt Bain and his team are expected to present the wheel chair to Tita today at Bugaim. Belden said the wheelchair was suitable for a village setting.
Sgt Bain is in charge of a 12-member team from Port Moresby in Finschhafen.


  • Also have a disable teenager in our Youth group..Where can we purchase a wheelchair or how can he get help.

    Thank you,

  • Action of kindness goes a long way. Thank you to the Police team for the driving the initiative and Lohberger Engineering for the Humanitarian Aid. It will mean a world to this teenager. Its Worth the praise….

  • Thank You Lohberger Engineering for your Kindness and generosity.
    And to you Sgt. John Bain, thank you for your willingness to help and support this young man.
    God Bless You ALL.

  • Gratitude of thanks to the National newspaper for publishing the story, to Sgt Baim and your team of policemen and Lohberger engineering Management and Staff for your kind gesture.
    God bless your kind heart

  • Such a kind gesture leaves a lasting impression that words can’t express.

    Well done Seargant John Bain and God will bless you in your job.

  • Thank you to Sgt John Bain and Lohberger Engineering for the kind gesture that will leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Well done and God Bless you all.

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